The Features of Maxroam

What is Maxroam?

Low cost global mobile SIM
Maxroam is a global roaming SIM card which allows you to save money when calling, texting and accessing data while travelling abroad. It can be used with 900 carriers in over 230 countries. We can deliver up to 90% savings over standard roaming costs with your local network provider.

All mobile device compatibility
Maxroam SIMs are compatible with all mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Our clever SIM design fits larger standard size SIM slots and also can be snapped out to make a microSIM, suitable for iPad, iPhone 4/4S and other devices. We also stock nano sims suitable for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Secure online payment and cheap international shipping
You can securely purchase a Maxroam SIM online and we will inexpensively ship it to you wherever you may live with our low cost international shipping. We also provide a courier delivery option if you would like to receive your SIM quicker.

Buy a Maxroam SIM today and instantly cut your roaming costs.

Great Value Data / Voice Bundles

Save even more when travelling to UK, Europe, USA and more countries around the world
We offer various bundles to our customers which allow them to cut their roaming costs even further.

If you are looking to use data on your smartphone, iPad, tablet, mobile internet dongle or other mobile device – we got you covered. With our Global Data Bundles you can get online in 48+ countries from only $0.36 per MB.

With our UK Explorer Bundle, you now get an amazing 100MB + 200 minutes + 300 texts to anywhere in the world for just $38.46. This should be enough to get you covered for your whole stay in the UK. You can find out more about this and our UK data bundles here.

Travelling to USA? Make sure you get our great value data and voice bundles for US.

You can view a full range of our data / voice bundles here.

For out of the bundle rates in over 230 countries check our rates calculator.

Local Landline Numbers

Allow others to call you at a local rate
With Maxroam you can purchase and add local landline numbers to your SIM from over 60 countries around the world. This means that if you add a local landline number from your home country friends, family & colleagues can call you on a local number and be charged a local rate while you are travelling.You can also add a local landline number for countries you visit regularly. Contacts just dial your local landline number and you will receive the call on your Maxroam number.

Forward your existing mobile number and never miss a call
Alternatively, if you would prefer callers did not know that you are travelling, simply forward your own mobile number to the local landline number you have added and you will still receive the call on your Maxroam SIM card.

Personal Online Account

Easy account management
As a Maxroam customer you create your own personal online account. Here you can add local landline numbers to your SIM, check balance, see your call records in real time, add credit and credit bundles to your account. and send texts to any country in the world. We also offer an auto top-up feature so you never run out of credit.

$0.07 Online SMS

Send texts online to any country in the word
That's right! You can send text online for only $0.07 a text to anywhere in the world! All you have to do is login to your account and go to the "Send SMS Anywhere" page. The cost of the texts will be deducted from your credit.

Auto-Top Up

Never run our of credit
We offer customers an auto top up system so that they never have to worry about running out of credit while travelling. For example, you can choose to be topped up automatically by $26.52 whenever your credit falls below $13.26.

Voicemail Messages

With Maxroam, you can retrieve your voicemail messages in exactly the same way as you would with any other network operator. Simply dial 333 on any network worldwide and you will be sure never to miss any important messages.

All voicemail calls will be charged per minute. To access the charge, please go to Rates and select the country where you will be travelling to.

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