Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maxroam?

Maxroam is a global roaming SIM card which allows you to save money when calling, texting and accessing data while travelling abroad. It can be used with 900 carriers in over 230 countries. We can deliver up to 90% savings over standard roaming costs with your local network provider. Buy a Maxroam SIM today and cut your roaming costs instantly.

I have seen other travel SIM services. Why is Maxroam better?

  • We offer worldwide coverage in over 230 countries.
  • We provide voice, SMS and data SIMs or data only SIMs depending on your preference.
  • It's a prepay service, - no contracts, no bills, no shocks!
  • We provide an optional auto top-up so you never run out of credit.
  • You can add a local number from your home country to your SIM so friends, families, colleagues can call you at a local rate.
  • We offer great value data and voice bundles which offer you even further savings.

How much does Maxroam cost?

Maxroam voice/sms/data sim will cost you as little as $20.78 which includes $13.86 credit. You can check our Call Rates.
With Maxroam you can save up to 70% when making calls, sending SMS, email, or browsing the internet.

How long will it take to receive my SIM?

Maxroam currently offer 2 delivery options

  • Standard Post: 1-10 Working days (depending on your location)
  • Courier Post: 1-5 Working days (depending on your location)

You will find out exact shipping time and cost after choosing your country at the checkout page.

Can I track my order?

Orders sent via standard mail cannot be tracked. Orders sent via courier can be tracked. If you would like to know the tracking details of your order, please contact Customer Support with your Order Number and they can provide you with the details once they become available. Your Order Number can be found on your Maxroam invoice.

What kind of mobile phone or device do I need in order to use a Maxroam SIM?

A Maxroam SIM works best with any unlocked mobile phone which has been manufactured within the last 4-5 years. It will also work in any unlocked tablet such as an iPad. Before you travel please check that your device will work in the destination that you are travelling to, especially if you are planning a trip to Japan or South Korea.

How do I install my Maxroam SIM?

Carefully remove the Maxroam SIM card from its packaging and insert into the SIM slot in the phone. All phones are different, so please refer to your phone's manual for detailed instructions.

Does the Maxroam SIM have a PIN lock?

Yes, by default it is 0000. However, it is possible to lock your Maxroam SIM by entering the wrong PIN number 3 times or more. If this occurs, you can find your PUK number on your SIM surround or please contact Maxroam Customer Support.

How do I activate my Maxroam SIM?

When your SIM card arrives, please go to Activate Your SIM and follow the instructions carefully.

What is my number?

When you receive your SIM you will need to go to our website to Activate Your SIM (this is a security measure). Upon activation your number is displayed on your account.
You can also check your number from your phone by simply dialing *123# and press call.

Where exactly can I use my Maxroam SIM?

You can use a Maxroam SIM in in 230+ countries and principalities and we have data coverage in 200+ countries and principalities, please check our "Coverage" page for full details.

Can I call and SMS anywhere in the world?

Yes. Providing you have coverage, you can call and SMS in 230+ countries and principalities and we have data coverage in 200+ countries and principalities, please check our "Coverage" page for full details.

Can I make a data connection (i.e. send and receive email/surf the internet)?

To use this feature you need to enter our APN (mobile access point in your handset). For all Maxroam SIM cards use the following settings:

All my contacts are on my current SIM. How do I transfer them to my Maxroam SIM?

The easiest way to do this is to go to the address book on your phone and find the function that allows you to copy all numbers from your SIM to your phone. Do this. Now, switch SIMs and do the reverse. Copy all your numbers from your phone address book onto the Maxroam SIM. Each phone is different so you should check the manual that came with your mobile phone or go to the website of your handset manufacturer to find out more details.

How do I make and receive calls?

For all incoming calls just answer your phone as you normally would.
For all outgoing calls do the following:
To make a call you must enter the plus sign (+), the country code e.g. 353 (Ire) or 44 (UK) and the number you wish to dial but always drop the first 0. Example: UK Number 020 7730 1111 becomes Maxroam Global 20 7730 1111.

What is the difference between Call Through and Call Back?

Call Through is a default method of calling on a Maxroam SIM. You dial a number and get connected to the person you are calling straight away, just like you would when using a mobile phone in your home country.

Call Back is an optional method of calling which allows Maxroam users to get even better rates in many countries around the world. After dialing the number, you will be called back within a few seconds. The phone will ring and you will have to answer it to be connected at the cheaper rate to the person you are calling to.

To use Call Back, simply dial the number in the format of *124*xxxxxxxxxxxx#. When using Call Back be sure to drop the (0) before the international code e.g. To call Ireland dial *124*353xxxxxxx#. Wait a few seconds for the call back and answer the call. If you don’t receive a call within a few seconds, try dialing the number again.

How do I send a text message?

Same as you would normally, except always use international prefix of '+' country code, then the number you want to send the message to.

How much does it cost to receive SMS?

Receiving SMS to your Maxroam mobile number is FREE!

Can I track and manage my account online?

Yes you can. Login to your account online. You can now:
Purchase Additional numbers
Remove and Renew additional numbers
Add credit / data and voice bundles to your account
View real time call records

How do I check my account balance?

You can view your account balance on your Maxroam account page or from your Maxroam phone dial *120# and press call.

How do I Top-Up my Maxroam SIM?

In order to Top-Up your Maxroam SIM, you will need to login to your account and select "Add Credit". You will need to register a credit card to your account in order to top up. You can do this by selecting "Set Auto-Top Up" followed by "Credit Cards" while logged into your account. We currently accept the following as payment methods:
Laser / Maestro

Will my credit expire?

Call credit purchased before 8th July 2011 will expire after 6 Months.
Call credit purchased after 8th July 2011 will expire after 12 months.

Will my SIM & account expire?

Yes, your SIM and account will expire 365 days after your last cash top-up.

How do I add a Data / Voice bundle?

To get your Data / Voice bundle, login to your Maxroam account and go to Add Data / Voice bundle.

Will my Data / Voice bundle expire?

No, your Data / Voice bundle will not expire once your SIM and account remains active.

How do I check the balance of my Bundle?

To check the balance of your Bundle, login to your account and go to Manage My Bundles.

What do I do if I lose my SIM card?

If you lose your SIM, please contact Customer Support immediately.

Can I have more than one number associated with my SIM?

Yes. You can have up to 50 additional numbers associated with your Maxroam SIM. These additional numbers can be from a combination of 60+ different countries and you can be contacted through all associated numbers. For list of countries please see question "What local numbers can I add to my Maxroam SIM?".

What local numbers can I add to my Maxroam SIM?

You can add local numbers from the following countries to your Maxroam SIM. Prices for a local number start at $8.31 per month. All numbers and prices are subject to availability. Some numbers may require additional documentation, details of these requirements are below. Please view our Restrictions page for details.

NOTE: A recently imposed restriction by our number providers requires identification to be provided to Maxroam, in the form of a digital representation of a Government Issued ID from the country DID you wish to purchase accompanied by contact address, phone number and email, for the purchase of Australian, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Ukraine numbers. This requirement has been put into effect to combat a growing level of worldwide telephony fraud, and is outside Maxroam's control. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Algeria Argentina Austria Australia
Bahrain Belgium Brazil Bulgaria
Canada Chile China Colombia
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Dominican Republic El Salvador Estonia Finland
France Georgia Germany Greece
Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary Iran
Ireland Israel Italy Japan
Jordan Korea South Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Malta
Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Pakistan Panama Peru Poland
Puerto Rico Romania Russia Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain
Sweden Switzerland Thailand Ukraine
United Kingdom USA Venezuela

Can I keep my existing phone number?

No. We do not own the rights to your existing phone number. You can choose to forward your existing number to your Maxroam SIM.
To divert all calls to your Maxroam number on your mobile phone, enter the following codes in your handset before removing your own SIM :
*21* Your Maxroam number # [SEND]
For example: **21*00353123456789# then press [SEND]

Can I send MMS?

No. Unfortunately Maxroam does not support MMS.

Can I dial 800/900 (Freephone/Premium) numbers?

No. Maxroam does not support dialling to 800/900 (Freephone/Premium) numbers.

Can I retrieve my voicemail messages whilst roaming with Maxroam?

To retrieve your voicemail messages, simply dial 333. Whenever you miss a call from somebody, Maxroam will send you a text informing you of the missed call and the number that made the call. Furthermore where a message has been deposited on your voicemail, Maxroam will send you a text notification along with the number that left the message. All voicemail calls will be charged per minute. To access the charge, please go to Rates and select the country where you will be travelling to.

Can I make emergency calls?

Yes. Wherever you are. 999, 911 and 112 all work.

How can I divert my existing mobile number to my Maxroam number before I travel?

To divert all calls to your Maxroam number on your mobile phone enter the following codes into your handset before removing your current SIM card:
*21* Your Maxroam number # [SEND]
For example: *21*00353123456789# then press [SEND]
Any calls to your phone will now ring on your Maxroam phone. Please note that Maxroam have no control of the cost for forwarding your existing number to your new Maxroam number. While Maxroam will not charge you any additional fee to receive a diverted call, your existing carrier may charge you for this service. Please check with your carrier for any applicable fees before diverting calls to your new Maxroam number.
When you return home to Cancel this divert: Press ##21# and press [SEND].

What are Special UK tariff SIMs?

All Maxroam SIMs which have been issued since November 2011 are Special UK tariff SIMs. These SIMs receive better rates when roaming within the UK. If you have an older non special UK tariff SIM you can avail of a free upgrade to get a Special UK tariff SIM.

I have an older Maxroam SIM. How can I upgrade my SIM in order to get special UK tariff rates?

You can get a FREE upgrade by simply logging into your account and go to the SIM Replacement page. Enter your current SIM number & confirm your current postal address. Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery via standard mail or alternatively you may choose to have your SIM delivered by courier (this will incur a delivery charge).
Upon receiving your SIM, please go to and enter your old SIM number and the SIM number of the new SIM you've received and click "Swap SIM" to complete the SIM Swap. All active local landline numbers and remaining credit will be automatically transfered over to your new SIM card.
Please note: Your Maxroam number will change to a new +44 number. If you have any further queries, please contact our customer support.

Will Maxroam work with an older phone?

The Maxroam service works in almost all phones manufactured over the last 4 or 5 years.

Can I use a Maxroam SIM in my BlackBerry?

You can use a Maxroam SIM in your BlackBerry for voice and SMS. However, data access is restricted. This is because Blackberry handsets are manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM). RIM use a secure encrypted system for mail, messaging and browsing. If you purchase a Blackberry device from your local provider, they will provide you with a Blackberry package that enables you to use these services. However, when using our Global Roaming SIM card, you will use many different local carriers around the world which restricts us from accessing Blackberry’s encrypted system in the same way as your local service provider. Use of the standard Blackberry Web Browser, Push Mail and Blackberry Messenger is restricted when using our Global Roaming SIMs.

How can I access data on a Blackberry device?

As explained, data can be very restricted on a Blackberry device. However, if you install a different browser on to the Blackberry you can fully access data from there. One browser we have tried and tested is called "Opera". To install Opera you can download it to your PC and transfer it to your Blackberry using the Blackberry file transfer software.
Alternatively if you can use a different SIM card to access the Blackberry Browser on your handset, type in and follow the instructions. This will install the Opera Browser on your handset and when you revert to using your Maxroam SIM card, you can access data through Opera.

Will I need to manually select the Vodafone UK network when I arrive in the UK?

No, the good news is that we will automatically steer you on to Maxroam's partner network; Vodafone. Therefore you do not need to do anything. Just switch on the device and the SIM card will update.

Will I need to do anything different to the SIM card when I travel to another country?

No, when you leave the UK and travel to another country, the SIM card will automatically update and switch to the preferred network of that country without any requirement on your part.

Can I use Maxroam in Japan and South Korea?

Yes, Maxroam works in Japan and South Korea. However this requires a 3GSM (or 3G) mobile phone that supports WCDMA 2100.
In Japan you can choose either Softbank or NTT DoCoMo while in South Korea SK Telecom and KT Freetel offer WCDMA2100. Please check our Coverage page for more details on service providers in Japan and South Korea.

How can I be sure my phone will work where I am roaming?

Please check to make sure your phone operates on the frequencies supported in the destination country.
e.g. Australia operates on 900/1800
For 3G in Australia 3G 2100/3G 850/3G 900

What is a SIM?

A SIM Card is a removable smart card which, when inserted into a mobile phone, allows it to connect to a mobile network. SIM cards are particularly associated with GSM handsets. A SIM card allows users to change phones by simply removing the SIM card from one mobile phone and inserting it into another mobile phone. They are also used to store limited amounts of data such as contact details and text messages. The SIM card slot size varies from phone to phone so SIM cards come in 3 different sizes - Standard SIMs, Micro SIMs and Nano SIMs.

What is an unlocked mobile phone?

An unlocked mobile phone is one which is not tied to any particular network. You can insert any SIM card into an unlocked mobile phone and it will connect to that SIM card’s network. If your phone is locked to a particular network and you insert a Maxroam SIM, you will receive an “Emergency Calls Only” or “SOS” message. Your phone may be locked if you purchased it on contract or a prepay account with your local network provider. You can check if your phone is locked by contacting your local network provider.

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